Predictive Insights

Real-Time Insights and Analytics

Implement data-driven performance strategies proactively

Drive peak performance across your organization with real-time, goal-based progress trackers. Improve business outcomes with real-time performance insights, transforming people’s data into informed development and performance strategies.

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Empower managers to achieve more

To be effective, people managers need to have a deeper understanding of their team’s performance. NWORX’ intuitive dashboard link individual performance with business outcomes enabling managers to take timely intervention and proactive measures to optimize performance.

Drive business outcomes through actionable people data

NWORX empowers leaders with a comprehensive people data platform for data-driven solutions. Our performance enablement solution integrates rich employee data from engagement, growth, and performance with business-specific data into intuitive dashboards that deliver actionable insights.

Transform insights into actions

Transform business strategies with the NWORX platform’s intuitive goal-based performance tracker. Gain actionable insights to improve employee engagement. With NWORX, compare performance and engagement levels over time, and develop proactive people strategies. Discover key drivers and lifecycle trends with prescriptive action plans synced to goals.

Other NWORX Attributes

Discover other NWORX attributes that help you build high-performing teams.

The NWORX AI Copilot

Enhancing human performance at work by pushing the boundary of Human-AI interface.
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Behavioral Science-backed nudges

Embed peak performance culture into the flow of work with automated insights and hyper personalized nudges.
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Security at NWORX

Maintain the privacy and security of the employees’ performance enablement program data.
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Integrate effortlessly with any HRMS, learning or business communication tools.
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