Expert-Led AI Copilot that Elevates Manager Effectiveness

For HR and business leaders who drive high-stake people outcomes that grow business, NWORX elevates leadership effectiveness across the enterprise by offering intelligent co-pilot support to each and every manager and leader.

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Forward-thinking companies choose NWORX

Set up employees and organization for success

Sets up every manager and team for success.

Guides every user to gain alignment across organizational purpose, managerial expectations and personal aspirations.

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Empower employees to achieve high performance

Empower managers and teams to achieve high performance.

Equips each user to achieve goals through highly contextual and in-time recommendations and guidance.

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Build a robust leadership pipeline that lasts

Build a robust leadership pipeline at every level.

Strengthen the leadership and managerial ability of every user to drive scalable & sustainable values for their organization.

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Establish a culture of continuous improvement

Instill a culture that supports a growth mindset, continuous learning and feedback, and psychological safety.

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From Learning & Leadership Development Technologies...

To Expert-led AI Copilot Experience

Several digital and high touch learning and leadership development programs and technology products exist today to offer fantastic learning content from Gurus in all possible areas. In fact, much of such content is available freely on the internet and social media. But who offers support and guidance every day to a manager when she is trying to offer feedback to a team member or when she is managing a conflict with a peer?

Unlike leadership and learning technologies and programs, NWORX engages every user daily to elevate their skills and behaviors for high managerial performance using a blend of AI and human experts, while offering analytics for talent decisions.


Manager Effectiveness is central to high performance workplace

Employees need help to show up as aspirational, accountable, agile, and aligned. Managers need to be coaches, provide feedback and guidance, and harness commitment. The NWORX way enables NETWORKSHIP – assisting an employee to adopt mindsets, skills of thinking and conversations, and the ability to give and seek support to achieve high performance in a leader-network of goals, relationships, and collaboration.

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Connect Brain Science and Behaviour to Business Impact

Cognitive science backed AI technology that streamlines Execution Alignment, Goal Achievement, Performance Assurance and Habit building for Peak Performance.

Set Goals

Alignment across a leader and team member requires the right language and a structured dialogue. NWORX nudges and facilitates it at the right time with right support. NWORX has the intelligent sensors to enable contextual nudges for each employee and leader while proactively encouraging each person to address their concerns.

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Act on Goals

Enable growth mindset with best-in-class execution frameworks. Align organizational goals to leaders and managers, who can set goals for teams. Guide interactions, offer continuous feedback, and automate performance support based on actions with the highest success odds.

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NWORX’ pervasive apps enable continuous tracking of progress data, proactive corrective guidance, and real-time reporting on organizational outcomes for people effectiveness, elevating it across the board.

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Action Center

Build a future-proof leadership pipeline by instilling discipline and habit-building in critical actions. Build a sustainable culture of high performance by instilling discipline and habit building around critical work activities through intelligent and timely nudges.

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Built for everyone

Consumer Products

Comprehensive Workforce Performance Enablement Suite for Consumer Products Company.

IT Services

Cognitive science-backed workforce performance enablement for IT Firms.


Cognitive science-backed workforce performance enablement for Tech Firms.

Banking & Financial Services

Helping Banks & Financial Service Providers Thrive Through Digital Transformation.


Comprehensive Workforce Performance Enablement Suite for Insurance Firms.

Integrate effortlessly with your tools of choice

We make it easy to get started with NWORX. Set up integrations with your existing HRIS or communication tools in just a few clicks and get started immediately!

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