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Drive contextual goal alignment

People Managers must ensure that individual aspirations are aligned with business expectations. NWORX facilitates a structured dialogue between managers and employees to ensure everyone works towards the same goals.

Provide personalized and just-in-time learning support

NWORX customizes the journey to individual requirements and creates a contextualized development program for each person. Build Agile teams by providing personalized, just-in-time training and learning to the right individual at the right time.

Track real-time progress and take proactive measurements

People managers must adopt a more agile approach to decision-making. NWORX’ performance analytics allows individuals to view real-time goal-based progress and take ownership of their work. NWORX enables managers to link individual performance with business outcomes enabling timely intervention and proactive measures to optimize performance.

Drive employee engagement at all levels

Team motivation declines when they don’t feel a connection to the organization, which leads to greater difficulty in achieving business outcomes. NWORX’ nudge engine enables employees to act and take ownership of their work, leading to improved engagement and performance. NWORX aligns managers’ expectations with employees’ aspirations and provides them with the necessary support to achieve their goals.

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