A complete performance enablement suite for fast-growing companies

Time is the most valuable resource for any fast-growing startup. In a highly competitive environment, performance management systems of the 20th Century won’t suffice. Performance enablement strategies can enable each employee to deliver and improve efficiency to maximize the tight bandwidth.

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Key Challenges

Lack of clarity in vision and objectives.
Lack of well-defined work processes.
Low alignment between employee and leadership.
Inability to provide feedback, coaching, and mentoring.

Track Real-time goal based progress

The dynamic nature of vision in a fast-growing company leads to conflicting views between employees and leadership. NWORX’ performance analytics allow individuals to view real-time goal-based progress and take ownership of their work. NWORX enables companies to link individual performance with business outcomes enabling timely intervention and proactive measures to optimize performance.

Support individual performance needs

One of the most common concerns of startup employees is a lack of clarity on how the vision and objectives are to be achieved. NWORX’ ‘Act – Achieve’ feature allows for seamless integration of organizational goals to individual team members, enabling managers to set team-specific objectives that align with overall business strategy.

Drive Contextual Goal Alignment

Typically, in Startups, ambiguous visions, and objectives can cause employees to lack clarity regarding their roles and responsibilities, while management may struggle to establish measurable performance criteria. NWORX facilitates the breakdown of high-level targets into individual goals and milestones – giving the team a clear understanding of what success looks like at every step.

Build a culture of continuous learning and development

Startups must encourage individuals to be open to feedback and continuously seek new ways to improve performance. NWORX empowers individuals with on-demand feedback, which in turn allows for real-time course corrections for continuous development.

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