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Track real-time goal-based progress

NWORX’ performance analytics allow individuals to view real-time goal-based progress and take ownership of their work. NWORX enables individuals to link their performance with business outcomes allowing them to take timely intervention and proactive measures to optimize performance.

Align Goals and Milestones with Company objectives

NWORX aligns employees’ aspirations with managers’ expectations and provides them with the necessary support to achieve their goals. NWORX facilitates a structured dialogue between managers and employees to ensure everyone works towards the same goals.

Get frequent feedback and guidance

Establishing clear lines of communication with managers is critical to meeting business expectations. NWORX streamlines guided and contextual conversations between employees and managers, thus empowering employees to seek frequent feedback, guidance, and support from managers. NWORX also empowers individuals with self-initiated feedback, allowing for real-time course corrections for continuous development.

Achieve Peak Performance

Unlocking peak performance requires a growth mindset and a learning-based approach. NWORX offers best-in-class mental models and frameworks tailored to your organization’s context to achieve a shared understanding and promote team unity toward common goals.

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