AI-powered Nudges

Embed Peak Performance culture into the flow of work with NWORX’ automated insights and hyper personalized

The right advice at the right moment can make all the difference to employee satisfaction and performance. NWORX’ AI-driven approach makes truly personalized, real-time learning a reality for your team.

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Harness the power of behavioral psychology

Organizations must deploy behavioral psychology to transform how they engage with their employees. A seemingly simple nudge can be remarkably effective in promoting positive behaviors. Enabled by the prevalence of smartphones, NWORX’ innovative AI-driven nudge engine can identify critical decision points for employees and offer timely and targeted advice.

Enter the AI Coach

NWORX combines behavioral science with the latest AI technologies to create a highly personalized coaching experience for employees. NWORX systems combine multiple data sources to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in an employee’s performance. With intelligent, deliberate repetition, the AI-enabled nudge engine then uses these data to select timely, context-specific nudges delivered via the employee’s computer or smartphone.

Enable behavior change and drive peak performance

To drive peak performance, organizations must enable employees to absorb new information, acquire new skills and integrate it with their existing knowledge. NWORX allows employees to put their new skills and fresh knowledge into practice immediately. NWORX enables behavior change in employees by requiring them to repeat actions over an extended period before it is internalized and demonstrated by the employee predictably.

Other NWORX Attributes

Discover other NWORX attributes that helps you build high-performing teams.

Real-Time Insights and Analytics

Implement data-driven performance strategies proactively.
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Security at NWORX

Maintain the privacy and security of the employees’ performance enablement program data.
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