Set up employees and organization for success

The NWORX Performance Enablement solution ensures successful organizational transformation. Technology nudges a structured dialogue between manager and employee to facilitate alignment between top-down strategic goals and bottom-up individual aspirations. Goal alignment in a safe environment promotes connection to a larger purpose and ensures impactful results.

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Start with Clear Direction

The key to successful transformation is to ensure that each employee understands the direction the company is headed in. This creates a playground for each employee to define and realize their individual aspirations.

Drive Contextual Goal Alignment

Aligning goals is critical to achieving transformation. NWORX facilitates a structured dialogue between each manager and employee to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Create a Supportive Environment

Creating an environment where employees feel supported and safe is essential in identifying potential roadblocks to transformation. NWORX’ research-based approach creates a workplace where managers know how to make employees feel seen, heard, and supported.

Know the Actions to take

Strategic objectives are only as good as the results they produce. NWORX facilitates the breakdown of strategic objectives into key milestones and related actions – giving each employee a clear understanding of what success looks like at every step.

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