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Todd Holzman

CEO Holzman Leadership

Hariraj Vijayakumar


Shwetal Shubhadeep


Can CHROs solve the

CEO’s Conundrum?

CEOs’ Need CHROs to Power Their Companies . .

…with dynamic leaders at all levels who can address hidden threats and seize profitable growth opportunities.

But, Most CHRO’s Can’t Find the Leaders They Need

The talent pool is scarce and everyone’s competing for them. CHRO’s must develop the leaders they have.

And, Current LD Methods Aren’t Working

Most use time-sapping, divorced-from-reality approaches that rarely change leadership behavior.

CHRO’s Need for Expert-Led AI-Driven LD (EL-AI)

EL-AI will transform the effectiveness of your leaders in ways that are efficient and integrated into their real work every day.

The Future is Calling…Will You Answer?

CHROs cannot afford to ignore this revolution. EL-AI is the key to unlocking leadership potential, driving impactful change, and positioning your organization for success in a chaotic, complex, fiercely competitive world.


For nearly 30 years, renowned companies across diverse industries have leveraged Holzman Leadership’s pioneering Real Work Methodology to rapidly build exceptional leaders at all levels ( NWORX technology ( amplifies and augments any effective methodology, delivering it through easy-to-use, highly engaging on-the-job experiences leveraging the most advanced algorithms and generative AI. When Holzman’s methodology is delivered on the NWORX platform, the combination is magical for its enterprise clients.

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Elevate your Leadership strategy.

Do not settle for ineffective Solutions

Expert-led AI Copilot

Personalized Solutions:
AI Copilot provide tailored guidance to address a leader’s specific challenges and objectives.
On-demand Support:
With AI Copilots, leaders receive guidance and assistance precisely when they need it.
Global Wisdom:
AI Copilots grant access to the collective knowledge of deep experts at a leader’s fingertips.

Manual Solutions

Traditional Training Programs:
Generic, one-size-fits-all programs with low retention.
Traditional Coaching:
Expensive, high-touch, and dependent on one individual’s knowledge and availability.
Self-help approaches often result in inconsistent and less effective outcomes.

Champion the Next Revolution in

Leadership Transformation

In a landscape marked by leadership deficits and traditional, high-touch solutions, HR leaders stand at the forefront of transformative change. With NWORX HOLZMAN, HR Leaders can bridge the leadership gap and

Embrace AI and automation to transform leadership, and provide dynamic solutions that are scalable and data-driven
Recognize the pivotal role of middle managers and invest in their development
Empower leaders to take charge of their development through AI-guided self-driven learning
Utilize data analytics to make informed talent decisions and ensure alignment with strategic goals

Elevate Leadership.

Transform Your Organization's Future.

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