Why Should Professional Development be Embedded into the Flow of Work?

Why Should Professional Development be Embedded into the Flow of Work?

2022 has begun in earnest. The first quarter is when reality hits. This is the time when euphoria and optimism moderate into ‘Hey, there is stuff that needs to be done. I’ve written down my affirmations and goals, but I’ll get to them once I sort this mess..’

In many ways, the highs new year match closely with the optimism and confidence post Leadership Workshops. Best leadership workshops are action-packed, focus on intelligent methodologies and principles, and are planned and designed with great intentions. Leaders have pulled away from their humdrum and daily grind and guided to discover learning highs and joys of camaraderie.

Business leaders and senior management look forward to these workshops.  The culmination of workshop leaves the participants feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with purpose and high on confidence. Everyone is sure of making a difference with the new awareness and learnings.

It is only when the leaders get back to their reality of the workplace that the unintentional and unconscious moderation begins. Just the way does for most of us on new year resolutions bythe 2nd or 3rd week of Jan.

All that was fine during the workshop, right now I think I better handle this crisis the way I have known best’ is a common narrative that takes over.

This isn’t a clash of intentions nor are the workshops flawed. But the reality of leadership situations makes it very difficult to imbibe and apply the learnings on the go. Many leaders do experience restlessness and confusion when they have to choose the right behavior. Some succeed on their own, a good number work through with the support of coaches and mentors, but most struggle in various measures.

Exactly the reason why progressive organizations invest in professional development programs that can lead to the development of more aware leaders leveraging on the NWORX model of embedded leadership development in the flow of work.

How does NWORX ensure embedded professional development in the flow of work?

1.      NWORX captures the leadership models and frameworks into a seamless digital toolkit that can be accessed by the leaders on the go and in the flow of their work.

2.      With, NWORX, leadership development outcomes for the individual and the organization are contextualized, personalized and are measurable, and not left to chance.

3.       Personalized leadership journeys that take the context and culture into account and enable seamless collaborations for leaders and leadership practitioners on an intelligent platform.

4.      NWORX ensures leadership development at scale for attaining specific org performance outcomes. A vital aspect in the new normal of remote work scenario.

5.       The hybrid model ensures deliberate practice and reflection for sustained behavioral change through nudge engines which support the leader to stay on track even as they face real challenges.

NWORX is effective because the solution percolates through to the direct experience of the Leader. The direct experience is the medium of leadership development, and it works because it takes the reality of leadership challenges into account and stays with them on the journey.

So, we can quite confidently say that the leaders on NWORX are the ones celebrating their achievements on the new year goals.

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