Proactively manage performance with NWORX' Analyze feature

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Continuous Tracking and Direction Setting

NWORX’ Analyze feature enables continuous tracking of progress data for each team member, allowing managers to take timely actions for direction setting, and aligning goals. By promoting a culture of proactive corrective guidance on performance in a psychologically safe setting, NWORX helps rapidly elevate people’s effectiveness across the board.

Real-time View of Organizational Effectiveness

The platform’s ability to compute, analyze, and report on the progress in goal achievement for each individual, team, and organization offers businesses a real-time view of their organizational effectiveness. This enables them to identify issues before they become major problems and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Culture of Accountability and Transparency

NWORX’ platform promotes a culture of accountability and transparency by tracking progress data and providing real-time reports on goal achievement. This enables businesses to hold their teams accountable for their performance and ensure that everyone is working towards the same objectives, leading to improved organizational performance.

Proactive Performance Management

With NWORX, businesses can take a proactive approach to performance management, saving time, money, and resources by identifying and addressing issues before they escalate. This promotes a culture of continuous improvement and ensures that businesses are always working towards their goals, leading to improved performance and success.

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